I'm Diego von Trier.
Freelance textile and graphic designer from Santander.

43.462134º N
-3.809993° W

+34 690 078 077


Boost Esports

Esports oriented community, shop and Counterstrike: Global Offensive team.

Built on 2015 with the hard work of 4 people, left the brand fallow on 2017 on behalf of its roster disband.

Waiting for new investment.

Diego ‘ArcticMorty’ Von Trier
Juan Carlos ‘Kaco_LTS’ García Vegas
Pitu ‘H4DE5’ Herranz

Pablo ‘ n3xoon’ Devis
Laura ‘LauuX’ Hernández

Sergio ‘shacke’ Morales
Unai ‘VassKK’ Eguen
Tony ‘ToonyVar’ Vargas
Javier ‘Zarko’ Martín
Francisco ‘FRANKYYY’ del Río
Ángel ‘J4CKY’ Romero